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Freshman Interest Groups

Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs) are special academic programs for first-time freshman students in which small groups of approximately 20 students live together within a Learning Community (LC) » and are enrolled together in at least two academic courses, including an exclusive small seminar class, including IS 1100 (Raider Ready). FIGs are designed to assist first year students with their academic and social transitions to college during the first semester through greater involvement in activities.

Extensive research has shown that students are more successful in college when involved both inside and outside of the classroom and are able to integrate their experiences into a seamless learning environment such as a FIG.


  1. Support students' achieving higher GPAs by creating smaller groups of students who share a common experience of living in the LC and attending the same classes together - your friends in the learning community can be the same people you study with!
  2. Encourage students' engagement and involvement in academic majors and programs, helping persistence to graduation by maintaining a consistent major throughout their college career.
  3. Provide academically-focused peer groups who can challenge and support diverse learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

Most FIGs require students to have been accepted into particular majors, minors, or programs consistent with the focus of the FIG. Please refer to each FIG’s description for more information about the criteria for application. Space is limited and assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis.