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How to Sign Up

Priority Room Selection is the system we use to guide residents through the process of choosing their own bed space and dining plan. It allows you to select your own bed space in a particular room and hall; it does not allow you to select a particular roommate.

We encourage you to explore any Learning Communities » you qualify for. If you don't yet qualify for these Communities, but believe you will in the future, you should go ahead and complete the room selection process while you wait for qualification. Once qualified, you may have the opportunity to change your room assignment over to the Learning Community you're interested in.

Students with less than 30 credit hours (post high school), are required to live in the residence halls unless exempted by
Operating Policy (OP) 30.25 ».


Sign Up for Fall 2014 – Spring 2015


The process to sign up for housing requires students to complete Priority Room Selection steps including hall and dining preferences. Once all steps are completed, students will be contacted through their official email address when an assignment is made. At this late date assignments are processed according to cancellation and space availability. All students with less than 30 post high school credit hours are guaranteed a space for on-campus housing. For questions, call our office at 806-742-2661 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. or send an email to housing@ttu.edu.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are eligible to sign up and contract for space in any Residence Hall. We encourage graduate students to sign up for housing in the Carpenter/Wells Complex », Murray Hall » or the West Village ».

Learning Community Changes for Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

Check the chart below for changes to hall environments for the Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 academic year. If you are currently in a room that will be changing gender or will be in a Learning Community next year, you will be displaced.

Old Hall Old Rooms Learning Community New Hall New Rooms
Stangel Females 105-146 Non LC/General Beds Stangel Females 122-146, Males 105-121
Stangel Females 401-450 and 501-525 Health Sciences » Stangel Females 201-224, Males 225, 249
Murdough Males 401-450 and 501-525 Health Sciences » Stangel Females 352-349, Males 301-324
    Health Sciences » Stangel Females 401-425, Males 426-450
    Global Leadership Stangel Females 501-525, Males 601-625
Stangel Females 701-725 Non LC/General Beds Stangel Males 701-725
Gates 201-215 and 301-320 Media & Communications » Murdough Females 122-146, Males 101-121
Stangel Females 201-249 College of Agricultural Sciences
& Natural Resources »
Murdough Females 201-224, Males 225-249
Murdough Males 201-249 Murdough Females 325-349, Males 301-324
Hulen 502-520 and 601-620 PEGASUS » Murdough Females 401-425, Males 426-450
Clement 501-520 and 601-620 PreLaw » Murdough Females 501-525, Males 601-625
Wall, Gates, Hulen, Clement TTAP » Gates Females 201-240, Males 301-345
Wall 5th Floor - Female Floor Non LC/General Beds Wall 5th Floor - Male Floor
Wall 6th Floor - Male Floor Non LC/General Beds Wall 6th Floor - Females Floor
Gates 6th Floor - Female Floor Non LC/General Beds Gates 6th Floor - Male Floor
Clement 6th Floor - Male Floor Non LC/General Beds Clement 6th Floor - Female Floor

Murdough male rooms 701 - 725 will remain male rooms for the Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 academic year. These are the only rooms in Stangel/Murdough that will not change for next year.

Beginning in Fall 2014, men and women in the Stangel/Murdough Complex » will live co-ed by wing.

Additionally, the entire Chitwood/Weymouth Complex » is designated as the First Year Success Learning Community ». So if you're a resident of Chitwood/Weymouth this year, you will need to select a new hall and room for next year.


Sign Up for Summer 2014

Current students planning to attend Summer 1 or both Summer 1 and 2 can now sign up to live on campus in Murray Hall » suites. New students will have to wait until March 10th to begin picking their rooms.

Students that only need to sign up for Summer II will need to complete the signups process but will not need to pick their room. A room will be assigned in June.

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