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Need to Live Off Campus?

So, I know Texas Tech has an on campus residence requirement, but what if I want to live off campus?

We understand that not every first year student is able to live in the Residence Halls » at Texas Tech. Even though institutional research indicates that students who live on campus perform better academically, there are a few provisions for those that need to live off-campus. We call these provisions "exemptions," and they are explained in the university Operating Procedure (OP) 30.25, section one. Before requesting to live off-campus, you should read through the OP, as you must satisfy the requirements for at least one of the exemption categories listed in OP 30.25 in order to establish your eligibility to live off-campus. If you believe that you meet one of these requirements, the next step is to download a copy of the Exemption Application. Fill out the application, follow the directions belonging to the exemption category for which you are applying, and send the form as well as any other necessary documentation back to the address listed at the bottom of the webpage (forms can also be faxed or emailed). We will respond to you via email within three to five business days with a notice of eligibility, ineligibility, or a request for further information. Make sure you check your official Texas Tech email account. All responses will be sent to this account.

Need to cancel your contract? See our requirements and refund timetable on the Contract Cancellation Request Form ».
Please note, the requirements to cancel a contract are not the same as the requirements for off-campus eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Exemptions:

I have a "Housing Form E" hold on my account? What is this, and what do I need to do to remove it?

The "Housing Form E" registration and transcript hold is placed on a student's account when the student does not meet the criteria for an exemption from the residency requirement and has not yet signed up for on-campus housing. To remove the hold, you must either show proof of your off-campus eligibility by fulfilling one of the exemption requirement categories listed in OP 30.25 OR sign up for a room on-campus using the Priority Room Selection » system. For questions, please contact us at housing@ttu.edu.

Can I get an exemption for living with my brother? He already has an apartment in Lubbock and wants me to take over part of the lease.

No, unless you both have legal documentation from the state/federal government establishing him as your guardian at least a year prior to the start of the academic term.

Can I live with my grandparents instead of living on campus? They have lived in Lubbock their entire life.

No, unless you have legal documentation from the state/federal government establishing that your grandparents are your legal guardians and have been your guardians for at least one year prior to the start of the academic term. If at least one of of your grandparents can establish they are your legal guardian, then you may qualify for an exemption as a commuter.

Students may apply for an exemption as a commuter for any legal guardian, not just their parents or grandparents.

What is "Proof of Guardianship"?

Proof of Guardianship is a document that indicates guardianship of a student, either by birth or official declaration. Typical documents for Proof of Guardianship include birth certificates and tax forms.

I just graduated from high school in Weatherford, and my parents are moving to Lubbock this summer so I can live with them when I go to school this fall. Living with parents makes you eligible to live off-campus, so that means I don't have to live in the residence halls, right?

Actually, you're only eligible to live off-campus with parents if your parents established a residence within sixty miles of the university six months prior to the start of the academic term. So, given the above scenario, you'd still be required to live in the residence halls.

What if I get an exemption, but I change my mind and decide to live on-campus? Am I no longer allowed to live on-campus if I get an exemption?

If you are eligible to live off-campus (you can meet one of the exemption criteria), you may still sign up for on-campus housing, and of course, we would encourage you to do so. Being eligible to live off-campus does not prevent you from living on-campus.

My family bought a house in Lubbock for me and my brothers/sisters to use while we attend college at Texas Tech. Can I get an exemption for my family owning a house in Lubbock?

No. You are eligible to live off-campus with your parents if their permanent address (where they actually live and work) is within sixty miles of the university. If your parents' permanent address is actually, say, in Houston, we have no reason to believe you'd actually be living with them, even though they may own a house in Lubbock.

I have 28 hours of dual credit from high school and I'm taking a three hour course this summer. That's 31 hours, so I can live off-campus, right?

No. The only hours that count toward the residency requirement are hours earned after high school. Test credit doesn't count toward the residency requirement before or after high school.

I can't afford to live on-campus. It's just too expensive. Is there any way I can live off-campus my first year?

You can complete the Financial Hardship Addendum » and turn it in along with the Exemption Application and a personal statement explaining your situation. Make sure to have finished and sent Texas Tech your FAFSA », as requests for an exemption from housing due to financial need are based on the financial package you're offered by the Student Financial Aid » office.

Will an exemption cancel my housing contract?

No. Having an exemption simply indicates your eligibility to live off-campus; it does not release you from any contractual obligations you may have with University Student Housing.

I’m a transfer student, so that means I can live off-campus, right?

No, at least not based on the fact that you are a transfer student. You must still meet one of the requirements listed in OP 30.25 ». If you can meet one of the requirements, submit the exemption application linked at the bottom of the page. If not, plan to sign up for on-campus housing.

The residency requirement is only for the Fall and Spring terms- not for the Summer, right?

Actually, the residency requirement applies to all terms, including both summer sessions.

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