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Emergency & Crisis Response

Should an emergency situation develop in a residence hall, students will be notified by the hall staff. Because of variations in physical design of the residence halls on campus, instructions will be given according to the particular hall's requirements. Each student is strongly advised to know and practice an escape route should an emergency occur. Because of the potential danger to other residents, boxes, bicycles or other property are not to be left in hall corridors or stairwells at any time. Hallways should be kept clear of any obstructions in case of fire.

Report emergencies by calling 911 from an on campus phone. In the event that you are not near a campus phone, you may dial 911 from your mobile phone. Your call will be answered by the Lubbock Police Department. You will need to provide them with your name, cell phone number and location and ask to be transferred to the Texas Tech call center. Additonally, contact the residence hall staff or hall office. Staff members will take the appropriate action.

Emergency Notification

During an emergency on campus the TechAlert! Emergency Alert Notification System will be used to communicate important alerts and emergency response information to students, faculty and staff. Please sign up at the Emergency Communications Center. See below for additiional information about emergency situations that can affect residence hall students. For information about severe weather notification, see our Inclement Weather and Campus Closings » page.

Have an EXIT Stratedy

University Student Housing has teamed up with the Office of the Texas State Fire Marshal to help educate students about residence hall fire safety. When you walk into an public place (including your residence hall), plan an exit strategy. Keep in mind, the best way out may not be the way you came in.



Fire Alarms

It only takes a moment for a spark or flame to ignite a combustible material and grow into a roaring inferno. Below, are some of the more common, but often overlooked offenders:

Residents should do the following when the fire alarm sounds:

Fire Drills

For the protection and safety of residents, fire drills are held several times each semester. Please read the fire safety information posted in residence hall corridors for evacuation routes. Cooperation is expected at all times. All individuals must evacuate immediately when an alarm sounds. Failure to comply will result in judicial proceedings and a possible monetary assessment.

Staff can help direct you to the appropriate hall as well as notify you when it is safe to return.